Pumpkin Maple Granola

Fall is the season of pumpkin, and Granola is a great way to make it shine.

The spices, coconut, and maple syrup in this recipe help make pumpkin the star of the show. I use a variety of nuts as well as chia and flax seeds, but you can really mix and match and substitute your favorite add-ins. Pecans would also be great here! This granola makes a great breakfast or snack. It’s delicious served with milk, over yogurt, or as a crisp topping to hot cereal. Continue reading


Steak Taco Salad

Growing up, make-your-own tacos were my favorite dinner.

Now, as a grown-up, they are still one of my favorite meals to make. The only difference is, I’ve adapted them to a make-your-own taco salad. Healthier, and just as delicious! You can top your salad with whatever you like, but I typically use grilled steak (or chicken), bell peppers, corn, tomatoes,Β  cilantro, and sharp cheddar cheese. Good sour cream is also a must, and my favorite is a lactose-free variety from Green Valley. This salad goes great with my mom’s tomatillo-serrano salsa, homemade corn chips, and a margaritaβ€”of course! Continue reading